Businesses are great at servicing their clients, but getting new clients online isn’t their best skill.


You know your business is doing well when you have a full customer list and AREN’T looking for new clients. But if you lost half of your client list RIGHT NOW, how would you fix that? Often times, we find that a TON of businesses are great at servicing their clients with whichever service or product they provide.  Their top weakness? Actually GETTING new clients looking for THEM at a low cost. So when a year like 2020 comes along, so many businesses are left vulnerable to the fact that they simply don’t know how to get new customers.

So, look out if you have the following

Is your web developer constantly researching new ways to BUILD your sales list? Or do they just want to build you an online brochure? We believe a website should be built to sell – and if your web developer doesn’t start your project with sales in mind – they shouldn’t start to begin with.
Millions of people engage with Facebook and Instagram every hour, every day. You’d be surprised by the number of hours people spend on social media per day (3 hours, normally.) A growing desire to spend time on social media, whenever we have a free moment, has carved a new path for businesses to gain their clients’ “mind-space.”
Spending R10,000.00 to send people towards a broad website – instead of a single, focused product/service is like taking that money and setting it on fire. You’ll never get the traction you need if you confuse your customers with too many options – focus on your best one and get cracking!

If you’re looking for a fresh perspective on how to create more sales, let our team at Go Value know. We’ll provide you with a free business assessment and help guide your company through the process of attracting new customers online. Contact our team now!

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