Facebook and Instagram’s back-office changes weekly. If you’re not working with it every day, you fall behind.


Facebook and Instagram’s back-office changes every week. If you’re not the business owner working with it every day, it’s quite simple: you fall behind. Because when Facebook decides to do their weekly “update” behind-the-scenes… As long as you aren’t building your own “sales engine” – they’ll always have the control. So how do you get control and build a sales engine for your business?

So many businesses master how they SERVICE their client but fail to learn how to get a TON of customers chasing them and their products/services. But have you learnt how to PACKAGE a product/service for easy delivery and profitability? This is the definition of a great offer.

An easy question once asked will reveal if you have a sales engine or not. “Do you know what it costs to get a new client?” If you don’t know, it means you need to research the latest, greatest marketing tech available. Check out keywords: Sales Funnels – Vortex Marketing – Social Media etc.
We see so many businesses throwing away business because they focus on “once-off sales.” It’s the very select few businesses that, after the sale of that particular product to a client, save that clients’ details for future marketing … losing them TONS of potential recurring income.

If you’re curious about how our team at Go Value goes about building really profitable sales funnels, contact us below to get a free business sales assessment: go@govalueusa.com

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