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You’ve Sold Your Customer Something,

Why Stop The Conversation There?

Emails Are Where You’ll Really Make Your Money

The single greatest asset that you, as a business owner, get to keep, is your mailing list. And here’s why. 

“It’ll cost you 25 times more money trying to sell to a brand-new customer, than to an existing one.” Harvard Business Review

Why do we spend so much money on Facebook, Google Ads and LinkedIn, trying to get new customers?

Facebook changes their audience and ad policies every week, sometimes every day. Google Ads and LinkedIn–they’re all the same. You don’t keep control when you use their system, their plat form and their data to advertise.

While you can create a great ROI on getting new customers, why waste money on NOT retaining your current customers?

Build Your Dream 1,000 List With GoValue SA

Dear Mr. Business Owner, did you know that you only need 1,000 active, happy and monetizable subscribers to have a reliable source of leads

When you choose to build your Dream 1,000 list, you choose to rely on yourself and your own business.

We make it our service to create this list for you within 3-6 months.

3 Ways GoValue Will Help You Grow Your Sales By Sending An Email To Customers Weekly

We’ve seen tons of businesses leave hundreds of thousands on the table, by letting their customers go, without leaving a detail behind…

Keep Clients “Updated On New Developments ”In Your Industry?

There’s a certain benefit to “knowing a guy in the industry.” You can be that guy!

Any time a new developmenttakes shape, that might:

  • Save your client money, time, energy,
  • Provide new opportunity,
  • Avoid missteps people“typically” take,

You can be the one to inform them! We’ll help you research ideas, and write them out in a captivating way for your readers.

Create Brand-New Products/Services

A savvy business owner knows that their one service is only the first step. To give a customer everything in one shot is often costly –and more than the client can chew.

We help you break up your services into payable steps or invent new offerings that we can upsell later on.

This creates multiple levels of income, for varying levels of clients that need different things–And we help you engineer an offer at every one of these steps…

Run Competitions

Who doesn’t like being excited about something? Why not gift your readers with a chance to win a giveaway?

Based on your industry, we create a giveaway competition that rewards your active readers with a chance to win something useful!

Our GoValue Mailer Service Aims To Help You Achieve This.

If you feel this is a good fit for your business, here are the outcomes we work to effectively create for you:

  • Within 3-6 Months, GenerateAList Of 500-1,000 Active Readers.
  • Create a Viable Income FromAchieving And Maintaining Engagement With Your Readers.
  • Repeatedly Research, And Brainstorm New Offers To Actively Grow Your Mailing-List Sales.

Included In Our Service:

To determine whether your industry is a good fit for readers to engage with, we’d advise a consultation with our team to chat about your business, and the outcomes you’d like to create!